AG Church Charter Form

Non-AG Church Charter Form

Why we Charter:

When your group charter this helps the District Girls Ministries department financially and allows us to know which of our churches have a GM program. Chartering allows me to know what clubs your church offers and helps me communicate with the leadership in your clubs more effectively about retreats and opportunities that are coming up.

Will you help me help you reach girls for Christ? As everyone else is, we are trying to keep up with technology, so our charter forms are on our webpage, Go to ‘ministreis,’ ‘Girls Ministries,’ and in ‘Chartering’ you will find it. Simply print this, fill it out, and send it with $2 for every girl who attends your clubs to me at the above address by September 1. This and your tithes help pay for the cost of putting together the resources to make Arizona Girls Ministries the best it can be. In return, I will send you a charter certificate for each of your clubs as well as a membership card to give each girl involved in your clubs. Also all churches chartered are able to participate in the Network Girls Ministries Honor Celebration in August. If you need a copy of the charter, please call me and I will send it to you.

Thank you for your continued support!

Amy Visconti

AZ GM Coordinator